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Yimby Tumbler Composter Review

Last Updated - 2018.06.10

As a Gardener, we know the importance of organic compost and the endless supply we need. So, if you are tired of all the processes involved in manual compost making and looking for an easier, less stressing way to deal with your organic fertilizer, then a compost bin tumbler will help. We are reviewing the popular Yimby compost tumbler or Yimby Composter as some gardeners like to call it.

In accordance to hundreds of 4.5-5 star genuine reviews from real gardeners who have had a taste of this incredible product, this Composter has proven itself to be the most efficient tumbling composter bin. Especially more so because of its distinctive features and the benefits which come along with it.

Best of all, it is comfortable enough in making compost and to your pocket.

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To start off, Yimby’s tumbling composter is a fully sealed, dual chambered compost container, approximately 5 square feet that are specially designed to be rotated, making the mixing process incredibly easy and fun.

Most importantly, it has adjustable air vents and entirely constructed deep fins for allowing oxygen flow deep into the compost making your compost ready in just 3-5 weeks. That is half the time spent than traditional compost making. How incredible is that?


  • Dual-Chambered rotating composter
  • Solid steel frame with recycled BPA free plastic bin
  • Adjustable air vents for proper aeration
  • Minimum compost preparation time of two to three weeks.
  • Capacity – It can take up to 37 gallons of material.
  • Color – Yimby Composter is available in black color
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Value for money

yimby tumbler composter with two chambers

Tumbler Composter with two chambers.

The most important questions everyone asks; How much is it? Moreover, is it worth that amount? How long does compost take in a tumbler?

So first the price factor, the Yimby tumbler is an affordable rotating compost bin.

You can check the price of this incredible piece here. Yimby Tumbler can help you produce cheap compost for your home garden.

Secondly, the duration to prepare the compost, the compost should be ready in about two to three weeks. Click here to check the current price for this Composter Black Color Model.

The tumbler is much cheaper compared to other products available in its class and size.

Here are some of the amazing features.

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The dual chamber in this piece makes it possible to prepare compost all year round with no breaks continually.

You add composting materials in one of the chambers, wait for about two weeks and then add other composting materials to the other chamber. The two portions are in two different compartments, and they will never mix.

You have a convenient small sliding door which can help to keep those pesky pets away, and a built-in hand holds to give the tumbler a turn every two to three days.

Once the compost in the first chamber is ready, remove it and then repeat the same process. Call it the highest class of efficiency ever!

Also, you no longer have to mix the compost using your hands. This tumbler is designed in such a way that you only need to rotate it 5-6 times every 2-3 days, and your compost will be perfectly mixed and ready in two to three weeks. I mean honestly, could this get any better?

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Yimby Compost Tumbler is made up of a corrosion free galvanized steel frame coupled with a recycled BPA free polypropylene tumbler bin.

Due to its strong construction in materials, the composter is sturdy enough to hold the full weight of the composting materials without getting damaged as compared to Tumbler bins which are made of pure plastic, making them very vulnerable to cracking.

It lasts for years, and I bet this is what you want, right?

Time Saver

This system takes half the time taken by traditional methods and other tumblers. Imagine having your compost ready in as little as two weeks, and all year round. The traditional composting process takes up to 12 weeks to be ready, that is a whole planting season.

Pest Free

You obviously know how annoying pests and diseases are and how tricky handling them can get. Well, how about preventing all this by using this Yimby compost tumbler that is fully sealed and raised from the ground guaranteeing zero pests or diseases in your compost.


Adjustable air vents in the composter along with the deep fins to break up the clumps which form in the chamber helps mix ample amounts of oxygen to the compost.

9.5 Total Score
Yimby Tumbler Composter - An affordable dual chamber compost tumbler

A handy composting tool for every small gardener.

  • Saves on time
  • Easier to work with
  • Odour Control
  • Retention of moisture
  • Is Highly durable
  • Pest Free
  • Maintains cleanliness on the ground
  • Convenient and efficient to produce high-quality compost
  • More affordable compared to other Tumblers
  • Assembly can get tricky (check our instructions below)
  • Lack of rotating handles
User Rating: 5 (5 votes)

Few problems about the composter which are not critical but here they are:

  • It gets tricky to spin when it is 2/3 full. The in-built hand slots are good, but, it would be much better if the manufacturers added rotating handles to the sides. However, I think you can manage to add the handles yourself even though it might be a little bit of extra work.
  • Moisture control could be difficult to maintain, especially in wet areas with moist compost.
  • The control of browns and greens is more critical in the sense that too much green becomes a slimy mess
  • Assembling the yimby composter can be a bit tricky.
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Yimby Tumbler Composter Assembly Instructions

Here is a video with instructions to help you assemble this small compost bin tumbler

Here is a step by step assembly instruction with images, hope you find it helpful.

a. Remove the four “L-shape” stand pieces & join the two left & right fronts and the l&r back pieces at their centers. Be sure the two open ends match each other in height. yimby instructions 2b. Find the two “V-shape” pieces and connect to the open ends on one side and then the other. Then secure each piece with the nut & bolts supplied. yimby instructions 3
c. Find the horizontal “axel” bar and then the black plastic sleeve. Slide the sleeve over the bar; yimby instructions 3d. Add the two end caps and the center divider wall onto the axel;yimby instructions 3
e. With the two long nut & bolts, join the axel to the stand. Place bolt down through the top and nut on the bottom of each side; yimby instructions 3f. Locate the center drilled hole at the top on each end cap and rotate to the top;yimby instructions 3
g. Keep the two end caps in the top position you just rotated to, and pick up one of the side panels;yimby instructions 3h. As you stand to the right side of the unit so far, place your first side panel on the first plane to the left of the plane at the top;yimby instructions 3
i. Fit the side panel in place and line-up the 4 holes. Be sure to fit the center divider into the slot on the underside of the panel, and secure with small nuts and bolts;yimby instructions 3j. While you are standing and facing the right end cap, rotate that first panel clockwise one plane bringing the next plane to the top. Repeat step i and add the 2nd side panel fitting it over the lip edge of the first panel;yimby instructions 3
k. Repeat step j for side panel three; Repeat step j for side panel four; Repeat step j for side panel five; Repeat step j for side panel six;yimby instructions 3l. Repeat step j for side panel seven;yimby instructions 3
m. Repeat step ‘j’ for the door side panel eight. Fully remove the slide-out door and secure with the nut & bolts;yimby instructions 3n. Slide the door back into the composter;yimby instructions 3
o. Slide the dooryimby instructions 3p. Slide the door back into the composter;yimby instructions 3
Congratulations your dual chamber composter is complete… happy gardening!yimby instructions 3

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How to use the dual chamber composter?

Fill one side, while the other side cures, making it easy to efficiently convert your kitchen and yard waste into rich soil enhancing compost. Just load it up, close the sliding door and use the convenient built-in hand holds to give it a turn every couple days and see how it produces finished compost in weeks.

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Sure the Yimby Tumbler bin will not solve all your problems, and there may be a few hitches, yet you cannot turn a blind eye to all its amazing benefits and all its cool features. This is honestly what every gardener needs.

The Yimby Compost Tumbler will sort you out big time on your many compost making issues, and that is honestly too hard to ignore, right? So get yourself one of this bad boys because when you miss it, truthfully you are missing out on having one of the most incredibly fun and super easy agricultural experiences you may ever encounter.

Yimby ticked all the boxes in our checklist to become the best compost maker and won our best value badge. We have added Yimby to our best composters list.

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