Why should you be gardening? – A Fact Guide

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In this modern age, I like to call this the ‘deliver-age’ where we get most of the products delivered to our doorstep with the click of a button, including groceries. So you might be wondering, why should you even think about gardening, when things are so accessible and readily available.

The primary and the most important thing, the number one reason that got me into gardening; is to improve the quality of the food I eat.

Just as an old saying goes “You are what you eat!”.

It just means the food you consume has a direct impact on your state of body and mind.

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So, if you eat loads of junk food, big fat, unhealthy processed foods, your body will eventually turn, yes, you know it, a body filled with trash!

Plenty of research done on this topic, which says if you follow a poor diet, you will suffer from poor health.

It is tough to think well when you are sick; you know how hard it is when you are sick.

So, do you see the picture here? A bad diet and junk food will eventually lead to illness to the body which will affect your mind.

Health is wealth

As I mentioned earlier, the one crucial factor which got me into growing my food, the number one reason: for me, is my health.

mom and child in gardenHealth is the fundamental thing which you own. I am sure you will agree to this. If you stay healthy, you can enjoy all the beauty of life.

On the other hand, if you are ill, you cannot enjoy money or spend quality time with your family or any materials which money can buy.

Health is the most precious and necessary ingredient of your life, your existence. Without health, you cannot enjoy anything in your life.

The produces, the food you buy, supermarkets, grocery stores, the entire industry, they are only concerned about the money you pay, profit balances. The sad truth is, there are very few people who wish to deliver a high-quality product.

If you look at the industry, their goal is to produce the most amount of crops with the least sum of money. To grow fruits or vegetable which look big, glittering and beautiful.


The answer is simple, for the modern day consumer, us, in this current food system looking pretty means everything, pretty is the new best.

People do not like things with bug holes or dirt. Everything must look, clean, tidy polished, shiny, waxed, painted or whatever things can be done to the food to make it look appealing, beautiful!

egg plantWelcome to the manipulated consumer mindset, the current trend of misconceptions that are looking pretty means quality, excellent.

Do you think that the industry of farmers can care more about your health or their profits? Farmers have to sell their crops based on weight or by the carton, and when they are selling in quantity their goal, their mindset once again is to make the most money.

So if you ask me, for my health, I will do whatever it takes to grow the high-quality food, and I strongly urge you to do the same.

Pleasant experience:

Gardening is enjoyable and easy once you get the hang of it. Trust me; you will enjoy it!

In my garden, I try to grow organic, which is all naturally grown without any chemicals or pesticides. Eating organic food has tremendous advantages. Your body and mind will thank you for going organic.

vegetables in basketBy Gardening, by growing your food, you are doing a service to yourself, your family and the environment. The whole concept of life is not about how much money you have in the bank, but how much you can give to make the world a better place.

Try to take a wider approach and strive to make a difference. Gardening is a step closer to making a difference in this world, meaning for your existence.

The main reason for starting this blog and writing the article is to inspire and motivate you to start planting your first seed. I want to share with you the exciting tips and latest happenings in gardening. More than a million people are growing their food, who chose to live a healthy life.

We do a so much of research every day to learn more about growing food and to share those techniques with our readers. As with everything else, we never stop learning, gardening is so vast that there are tons of tips, tricks, and techniques to get things done.

Through this blog, we will share the gardening ideas and techniques that we have learned and new resources from around the web, which could help you have fun learning the cultivation process.

Keep learning

Continuous learning is the tip to be a good gardener; you should always be thirsty. Always hungry for knowledge and information to keep learning. The instant you think you know it all is the time you will stop learning, and that is the moment you will stop growing, and then you will probably degrade if you are not still learning.

gardening eggplantThe objective of this whole process and the website gardeningtipz.com is to share knowledge to help you all on how to grow your food, to help you all become a better gardener.


If you look around, you can see the amount of junk food consumed by an average American, the obesity rate, health decline, things are not looking good. The case is not much different in the UK or the rest of the world. Across the globe, we have all fallen for the unhealthy fast food culture.


All these evil habits have added up, and the average lifespan is on the decline.

Should we just stand by and view this happen?

The reality is you have a choice, and you can take action and decide on what you eat. Through proper diet, through the food, you can achieve greater health. That is why we advise you to plant and grow some of the most nutritious foods.

More Benefits

Growing plants does not require extensive space as you think. There are options to grow your veggies and fruits in limited space. Container gardening is one of those techniques.

Do not be afraid to try gardening due to the lack of space. Space is not a problem. There are many tiny apartments making use of container techniques to grow fresh food. You can do too.

Gardeningtipz is a step towards getting more people into growing more food at home. This way, we can make a significant shift in the environment, for our health by consuming more of the plant-based foods and growing your high-quality food.

So, that summarizes the primary reason for why you should be gardening.

There are more:

By gardening and growing the food yourself, it becomes much more of ethical practice. You learn to be more self-sufficient, and it is so empowering to know that you can grow your food. The satisfaction and feeling it brings are unbelievable.

Another substantial reason: Exercise!

man holding a plant in gardenGardening gives you a good workout, which can help you stay fit. The task you perform while gardening provides a soft exercise on your body. While gardening, you can pace yourself and avoid hurting yourself which is more likely to happen in your gym sessions.

Most importantly, you can save on your gym subscription and achieve better healthy and fit body, naturally. It is all about how much effort you are prepared to put in.

Here is another exciting thing about gardening and your health:

While gardening outdoors, you get some excellent supply of Vitamin D, how? The answer is in three letters, SUN!

Vitamin D is an excellent anti-depression agent, helps in building healthy bones and teeth, it even acts as a protective element to against diseases like cancer, type 1 diabetes and more.

Spending more time among plants during the daytime gives you ample amount of fresh oxygen. Free unlimited supply of fresh air, your body will thank you for this.

Gardening is an art, and it is a creative process. There is life in it. There is a life cycle in it, and you get to experience a living miracle, the different stages from seed to a plant. It is an incredible feeling to view the first leaf.

See the benefits of gardening?

  • You can grow your food.
  • You get to eat high-quality products to keep you healthy.
  • You save money.
  • Your body gets Vitamins from the Sun which boosts your health.
  • Your body gets the required exercise to keep you fit and healthy.
  • You save money on your gym membership, and you keep fit naturally.

So, with the first question out of the way on ‘why’ should you be gardening. For those interested, let us look at the next step.

How to start gardening?

Gardening is easy, and it will get easier once you get the swing of it.

Get some seeds, some soil, a pot/container, nice set of gardening tools, gardening gloves and start growing fresh food at home.

As you progress, you will not even need to buy seeds; you will have them from your garden.

To help you boost and produce more food, here are five excellent tips about gardening to get you started:

So here are our top tips.

Tip 1: Begin small

fresh vegetables from gardeningAs with everything we do in our life, take one step at a time and start small. Small is easy to manage; you have more room to experiment with a variety of plants in different seasons, various growth techniques and more.

Even if you make some mistakes, you get a chance to start fresh and come strong with the next iteration.

Hence, it is always better to start with a small manageable garden and expand later on once you are confident.

Never let lack of space be an excuse to limit you from gardening.

Some creativity is all that is needed to boost yields and enrich your overall gardening adventure.

Tip 2: Test the soil

Always remember to conduct a pH test on the ground soil to understand its alkaline and acidic properties.

Soil testing will give you a hint about the adjustments you need to make and also help you choose the best you can plant.

The test results will enable you to make better decisions.

Tip 3: Grow Vertical.

An efficient method to utilize space is to grow crops vertically. This vertical approach delivers better air circulation and reduces the moisture accumulation. Vertical growing also allows you to manage your plants in a much better way, improve yields and makes harvesting much quicker.

Tip 4: Soil Health

To keep your soil healthy, add organic compost to dress the soil. The health of soils in small gardens gets exhausted at a much faster rate compared to larger farms. A healthy soil delivers healthy plants which can resist pests and diseases. Hence, it requires refreshments, and it is essential to keep if strengthened.

Tip 5: Crop Rotation

Try to plan different crops on the same pots. Keep rotating your crops and avoid planting the same crop in the same spot every year. By rotating crops, you enhance the soil nutrients which ensure a healthy crop.

We are sure that you will enjoy gardening just as much as we do.

Gardening, for your health and a better tomorrow.

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