9 Tips to Take Care of Your Trees

Trees are essential for human race’s survival on planet earth. They take in our body’s rejected carbon dioxide and cook up oxygen, without which humanity will extinct in minutes.

Many people love planting green trees and taking care of them. However easy it may sound when said out like that, it is a massive task to take care of your trees.

You should know that tree care starts right from the moment you select a tree.

Following are nine fundamental tips that will help you along the way.

1. Choosing a Tree

The very first thing you will need to find out before selecting a tree will be finding the right place for it. Once you understand where you want the tree planted, you can determine what kind will go best there.

For instance, if you opt for a tall tree near electricity poles, it can be troublesome. At the same time, a tall tree will do great in your backyard.

2. Healthy Tree Selection

A proper tree care starts off with the selection of a healthy tree. If you take out time and inspect the tree properly before making the purchase, you can guarantee yourself a lifetime of the healthy tree.

Things you ought to look for include moist roots; firm root ball and the pot in which the tree is coming in should be firm.

3. Planting of the Tree

Before you take care of your trees, you will go through the planting process. Planting the tree is a whole new level of difficulty.

However, if you follow the proper steps and are careful with the nascent roots, you will do just fine.

Planting techniques depend on the classification of a tree. The kinds include planting of a balled tree, planting a containerized tree, and planting a tree with bare roots.

4. Mulching

Once you have planted a new tree, you must mulch it regularly, for it is said that a new trees best pal is mulching. It insolates the soil, retains the water, prevent any soil compaction and reduced the damage caused by lawn mowing. It also helps in keeping out the weeds.

5. Watering the Tree

take care of your trees man watering a treeFirst steps in taking care of your tree start with watering. When you plant a new tree, you should water it right away.

During first two years after the plantation of the tree, you will have to water your tree a lot, however very carefully as, not to flood the soil beneath. According to the rule of thumb, water enough to make the soil moist.

6. Pruning

The tree is commonly pruned a lot during dormancy. Pruning of young trees leads to the growth of new, fresh leaves and branches. This is also the best time to train your tree. Prune your tree more in summer than in winter. Take help of tree pruning company in proper care and growth of your trees. Take the guidance of a tree cutting company in the proper pruning of trees.

7. Good Pruning

Before opting for pruning, make a picture in your mind of all the places that require pruning and those that do not need pruning. Also, never cut more than ¼ of the crown of a tree per season. For broadleaf trees, don’t prune much from the bottom. Most of the species of trees require only one trunk. Make sure the tools you are using for pruning are sharp enough.

8. Pruning Steps from Planting to Maturity

One point you need to keep in mind is that the way you prune a newly planted tree will be very different from how you will prune a mature tree. There will be several stages in your tree’s life, and pruning will change according to these stages.

9. Taking Care of Pest & Disease

To make a proper examination of any disease your tree might be suffering from, you will need to contact your district’s official arborists or tree removal company. Trying to determine the condition yourself can be fatal to your tree.

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