Quictent Updated Mini Greenhouse – Review

Quictent Updated Mini Greenhouse – Review

The mini greenhouse comes from a reputable company, Quictent who are in business since the early 21st century. They build high-quality camping tents, grow tents, gazebos and more. With more than a decade of experience to become a professional tent manufacturer, you can expect a high-quality product.

The mini greenhouse is geared towards small gardeners who do not have sufficient space for a conventional greenhouse. If you are looking for a vertical mini greenhouse, then the Gardman mini greenhouse may be of your interest.


This updated mini greenhouse measures 71 inches long, 36 inches wide and has a height of 36 inches. The entire front part to be two doors can be easily folded and tied to the top using the provided ropes.

You do not need to worry about being able to access the far edges, this greenhouse is just 36 inches wide, and you can still get in once the doors are folded.

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The 36 inches of height, this may be a limitation to work. You will have to stretch your back to fit inside. However, this limitation has been overcome by making the entire front part to be two doors. It can easily be folded and tied to the top using the provided ropes.


It has been specially crafted from sturdy, powder-coated rust-resistant steel tubes that are guaranteed not to collapse even during extremely snowy winters.

Additionally, its outer cover is made from 140g transparent, and UV protected PE for maximum protection from external forces, while still ensuring optimum exposure to sunlight.

It features two wide zipper front doors that can be opened entirely and rolled up with ropes, hence increasing working space and ventilation.

All its sides are designed oversize to allow for burying to the ground and can either be used indoors or outdoors.



Big enough to work for good-sized plant pot & seedbed. The transparent PE cover is UV protected and waterproof. Can be used both indoors & outdoors.

9.8 Total Score
Portable Mini Greenhouse

Suitable for tiny space and can even be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Can accommodate bigger crops though just a few
  • Easily accessible with the two large front doors
  • Very stable and does not require any extra reinforcement
  • Does not utilize airspace through shelves unlike the others
User Rating: 4.25 (4 votes)
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