Ohuhu Large Walk-in Plant Greenhouse – Review

Ohuhu Large Walk-in Plant Greenhouse.

Plastic-covered green Hodgins are becoming very popular; they come in various sizes from two three and four tier minis to larger walk-in types like this one, the Ohuhu Large Walk-in Plant Greenhouse.

Equipped with 3 Tiers and 12 Shelves, this is a comparatively large greenhouse than the Gardman mini greenhouse. If you wish to walk in and comfortably tend to your crops, then, this is a perfect choice for you.


  • Measures 55.5” (L) x 56.3“(W) x 76.8“(H)
  • Ideal for sprouting plants, fresh vegetables, and blooming flowers
  • Constructed with sturdy rust-resistant tubes for durability
  • Strong enough to hold grow light, pots and seed trays.
  • Detachable parts make this a portable greenhouse, you can detach and move it depending on the seasons.

The greenhouse offers plenty of shelves for placing your crops and yet enough space to walk-in for comfortably working on your plants without stressing your back. Suited for individuals with limited space or who wish to grow seeds before transferring to the main garden.



It comes with 12 wired shelves to firmly hold your crops, with each side carrying 6 evenly distributed shelves that can hold a weight of up to 23.4 pounds. These shelves are in return attached to and supported by a frame crafted from sturdy, rust-resistant steel tubes to make it last longer.

The front door is fully zippered with a roll-up option for easy access and has screened ventilation for optimum air circulation.

To ensure that it stands firmly in your garden, you are advised to attach some additional tie-downs to it and you will be good to go. 

Support Ropes

The additional feature in this greenhouse is the integrated side support ropes. All you need to do is pin these ropes to the ground using the provided pins, and you will not have to worry about the security of your valued crops in the event of strong winds.

Product Specifications

Product Material: constructed using steel frame/ PE canopy
Weighs: 10.6kg


9 Total Score
Large Walk-in Greenhouse for Outdoors

Ideal for people with limited space who grow seedlings and seeds before transferring them to the main garden.

  • Very easy to install
  • Plenty of space to walk-in
  • Portable
  • Smells of plastic
  • Flimsy shelves
User Rating: 3.86 (7 votes)
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