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Envirocycle Compost Tea Maker – Review

Exquisitely designed and made using safe and environmentally friendly components, the Envirocycle Composter Compost Tea Maker is arguably easily the finest you can find in the market with its fashionable and sleek design.

Here’s our review about the beautiful Envirocycle composter bin tumbler made in the USA and why you should start using one today!

Envirocycle Composter Highlights

  • All components are made from food safe, BPA and rust free materials.
  • Combines a compost tumbler drum with a compost tea maker base.
  • Has a capacity of 35 gallons or 4.68 cubic feet.
  • The lid seals perfectly with an interlock door design.
  • Composting process takes only four to six weeks.
  • Designed with grooves on the cylindrical composter for a secure grip when rotating.
  • Large barrel opening makes it easy to dispose of kitchen and garden wastes.
  • Built with three vents for excellent airflow.
  • Weighs about 24.6 pounds (11 kilos approx).

Features and Benefits

BPA – ‘Bisphenol A’  a chemical used in the production of many plastic materials is detrimental to human health, have been implicated in infertility and hormonal disorders among others.

Taking cognizance of these risks, unlike many other products, the Envirocycle Composter is made from BPA-free recycled plastic materials, ensuring you do not just get the best composting experience, but do so in a safe and hygienic environment.

Compost Juice Collector 

The wheel cavities of the Composter are built with a drainage system that isolates produced fluid from the rotating compartment – a feature that is vital in repelling insects from hovering around the compost.

Another great feature of this product is its distinct base, specially made to collect the fluid that makes a compost tea which can be used as an excellent source of liquid fertilizer.

Composter Size

The compost tumbler comes in two different sizes. 17 and 35 US Gallons. Envirocycle mini composter (17 US Gallons) is suitable for small homes and garden wastes while the 35 US gallons is a great fit for medium-sized homes.

The characteristics of Envirocycle mini 17 US Gallons is similar to the 35 Gallon version. Hence we are not doing a detail review on the mini composter.

Envirocycle Mini Composter Review 

– The cutest composter- 17 US Gallons Size- for small gardeners- available in black and pink colors

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Both the sizes (17 and 35) comes with a rotating drum, a significant change to the traditional composting process, this Envirocycle composter/tea maker is undoubtedly a good buy for swift and convenient composting.


With its fashionable design and appealing look, this beautiful composter can be used at home on a balcony, in your garden, patio, deck or wherever comes to mind without any style concerns. This is further made possible with an innovative compost tea base design that allows for clean and spotless composting.

Color Choices

Available in black and hot pink colors, its beauty radiates infectiously, thus enhancing the look and scenery of wherever you chose to use it.

Envirocycle has released a new hot pink color version of the composter.

We prefer the black version, what is your choice?

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Soil Saver – The composter has a base which holds the enclosed drum and a bottomless soil saver which should be placed directly on the soil.

There are many other compost bin tumblers and composters in the market, some of which have the Envirocycle’s rotating feature such as the Lifetime 60058.

However, its multifunctional base and unique aesthetics give it a notch above others. Although it is slightly expensive than other composters, its extra features, design and exceptional customer service make the Envirocycle composter a decent buy.

compost tea collector base

Rolling Drum and Compost Juice Collector Base

A confluence of all these characteristics make the composter first choice for your garden and soil-free spots.

In all our reviews we make sure to deliver the pros and cons of every product, so, you can make a better buying decision.

Let us take a look at the drawbacks of this beauty:

The Negatives

1Cooking Speed – Not speedy in winter months – some customers have reported a relatively slow or no composting during winter months. However, this is usually a general problem with heat-dependent activities like composting.

Adding the right mix of materials and rotating the contents regularly to help generate heat and degrading microorganisms, especially in winter months should, however, help with this problem.

2Insects – insects may whizz through the compost, especially when fruit scraps make the bulk of what you have inside, so you will want to neutralize this problem by adding more brown material, like cardboard and dried leaves.

3Price – It is not the cheapest of composters in the market; hence some customers deem it too pricey for their budget. However, it has a ton of features and add-ons, making it reasonable for its price.

4Capacity – with a maximum 35 gallons capacity, the composter may not be your first choice if you have got loads of waste to compost. So buying several tumblers or going for more prominent products like the Redmon Green Culture Compost Bin which offers a capacity of 65 gallons can be an alternative.

The Positives

1Long lasting –The Envirocycle Composter Teamaker can be used for extended periods as it is made with robust and resistant materials. Our research has found customers who had the composters for more than 10 years and still going strong.

2Composts diverse wastes – Leaves, old fruits, bones, twigs, solid wastes, and leftovers, you name it. They all compost seamlessly in the Envirocycle Compost/tea maker.

3Odor Free – We all know how landfills smell and poor composters might also give offensive odors too. However, that is not the case with Envirocycle as it does well in this department, releasing no smell while vigorously degrading your organic wastes.

4Excellent customer service – Got any issues or glitches using this piece of equipment? No worries, you have got a fantastic customer service just a dial away. We have heard only good things about the customer service.

5Well ventilated – The composter is well ventilated with strategically located holes, allowing for rapid decomposition in weeks.

6Easy to use – You can start using this composter right off the bat! Yes, it is that easy to use as no assembling or technical processes are needed. The composter is easy to turn, empty and clean up with a high-pressure hose nozzle. Its large opening allows for easy deposition of kitchen and garden wastes. It can also be rolled to wherever you need the composting done.

7Sturdy Design – High-grade plastic materials and unique design of the composter add more beauty to your garden, balcony or wherever you chose to use the composter.

8Efficient drainage – Dripping liquid from your compost? Never the case with the Envirocycle composter which has a base correctly made to collect fluid – making it the ideal tea maker for your garden.

9Latching doors and Strong base – The door latches tightly, making it impossible for rodents and other critters to gain access to your compost. Its sturdy base additionally prevents them from knocking it over.

The Verdict

With its novel functionalities and seamless ease of use, excellent aesthetic design, excellent customer service and environmentally friendly composting process, the Envirocycle Composter Teamaker offer good value for money.

Barring its slightly high price tag which it compensates for with unique features, a one of a kind composting process with high-quality compost in good time is in the offing using the Envirocycle Composter Compost Teamaker.

9.8 Total Score

Exquisitely designed and made in the USA using safe and environmentally friendly components, the Envirocycle Composter Tea Maker is arguably easily the finest you can find in the market.

  • Fashionable and sleek design.
  • Ready to use out of the box.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Made using BPA and rust free materials.
  • Three vents for excellent airflow.
  • Easy rotating drum.
  • Compost juice collector.
  • Price
  • Capacity (max is 35 US Gallons)
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