The Eco Friendly Way To Keep Your Lawn Tidy – Goats!

According to an article published by Forbes, there is a growing demand for goat rental business. Yes, you read it right, Goat rental. People are hiring goats to keep their lawns tidy from weeds and wild plants.

People are attracted by the low cost and eco-friendly by eliminating the need for pesticides and the use of fuel to burn lawn maintenance machines. This is a natural method is called ‘grazing’.

Goats have a lot of other benefits, as well. For example, when they eat weeds, they sterilize the seed during the digestive process. As a result, the seed that passes through them is infertile and doesn’t lead to more weeds. They also can be used to eat grass that’s likely to fuel fires. And they can easily reach steep or rocky places.

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via Forbes

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