Best Composters, Compost Bins And Tumbler Reviews 2018 (Updated)

best composters

Today, let us take a look at the best compost bin/tumblers of 2018.

I am sure you will agree that having your garden means healthy vegetables and flowers within your reach. Those kitchen scraps and leftovers you were throwing away are the keys to toxic free rich compostComposting is a great way to reduce the amount of waste in your household. Composting bins enable you to generate more compost in less time.

Regardless of where you reside, it is possible to have a garden where you grow your treasured plants. These days, not even lack of space can keep you from owning a beautiful garden.

You can have your compost bin on your patio, balcony garden or backyard. There are different compost tumbler designs that will keep a check on the stench or rodents.

Whether you are an urban or suburb dweller, the benefits of preparing your garden soil far out ways the challenges involved.

For instance:

Did you know that you can grow 50 crops on four square feet of space? The Garden Tower makes that a reality.

Things To Look For

When shopping for the best composting bins or composter tumbler, you have to consider the following:

  • The available space in your yard
  • The capacity of the composter
  • The ability of the composter to control the stench and keep rodents away
  • The simplicity of use (loading and offloading compost)
  • It’s durability
  • Aeration and ventilation of the tumbler

With that said here are the top 9 compost bin and compost tumblers. Comb through the reviews reflecting on the above considerations. Then finally choose the one that suits your household size.

1. YIMBY Tumbler Composter – The Best Affordable Compost Tumbler For Small Gardeners

yimby tumbler composter

With the Yimby tumbler, you will not experience trouble turning your compost pile. Add the greens and browns, just shut the door and turn it a couple of times after every three days.

It will efficiently mix the pile. The black color further adds to the faster decomposition of the compost. With its two chamber design, your compost stack will have plenty of room to cook thoroughly.

If you have a small garden and needs to have your best compost ready in about two to three weeks, then the Yimby Composter is for you.

Features and Specifications

Two Chamber Construction: the two chambers are constructed side by side. Thus once the first compartment is full, you can leave it to decompose uninterrupted. During that time you can add fresh scraps to the other chamber.

Sturdy Construction: as an outdoor composter, its design suits the outdoor environment. The body is made of BP free polypropylene designed to endure the UV rays. The frame boasts galvanized stainless steel material thus rust resistant.

Consequently even when exposed to direct sunlight for a longer duration, it will remain unaffected by the harsh outdoor weather. It is contact safe due to its BPA free property.

Simple To Use: Operating the Yimby tumbler needs no superb skills. The built-in handholds help during the turning every few days. The large and removable door ensures that you have sufficient space to add fresh craps or remove the compost once the cooking is complete.

Adequate Ventilation: The tumbler has ample ventilation. Thus it will let in sufficient amount of oxygen to mix with the compost during decomposition.

Deep Fins: Breaking up clumps and mixing the compost doesn’t have to be a burden or done by hands. The Yimby composter has deep fins to break up the large chunks. As you turn it occasionally, the deep fins break up the large chunks into smaller pieces. At the same time, the ventilation let in oxygen to mix up with the broken clumps.

Black Color: The black color is primarily to encourage the decomposition. The color absorbs more heat thus speeding up the decay process.


  • Adjustable Air Vents
  • Built With Quality Materials
  • Priced Affordably


  • Assembly instructions are difficult to follow.
  • Relocating is a challenge since it has no wheels.

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Notably, the Yimby Composter has a small capacity of 37 gallons. Therefore it suits people who own a small garden and requires an affordable compost bin that will cook up the scrap in approximately two to three weeks.

2. Best Compost Tumbler For Urban Spaces – Compost Wizard Jr.

compost wizard jr image

Although this tumbler seems to be of a smaller capacity, its well-thought construction details and features make it stand out. Moreover, it makes the best compost manure preparation easier for even beginners.

The compost wizard Jr. needs no assembly. If you are worried about your kids or pet messing with the compost, the composter has a secured lid. Unlike the YIMBY composter we reviewed above, this compost bin has wheeled base thus easy to move from one place to the other.

Features and Specifications

Capacity: Measures 22 x 23.5 x 30 inches, and has a maximum capacity of seven cubic feet. Also, it weighs 27 pounds. Owing to this capacity even children can have fun in learning about the compost preparation.

No assembly required: Setting up the composter is straightforward since no assembly is necessary. It comes in three parts; the base, container and the lid. Once you have identified a sunny spot, rest the container on top of its base, and your set up is complete. Pet and child safe; the bin has a screw -tight lid. The secured lid helps to keep away pets and kids from the composter.

No lifting of the heavy compost: to make the transportation of the finished manure easier, the composting bin has a wheeled base. Thus it will roll smoothly to the required destination.

Good grip and easy to rotate: since you will have to spin the tumbler, it offers you molded handles. The handles are sturdy, gives excellent grip and won’t give way even while rotating the massive batch. Moreover, the 12-inch lid also assists as another rotating handle.

Takes a low profile: the low profile adds to its stability even during strong winds. Moreover, since it is close to the ground, it will stay out of sight often.

Rugged, weatherproof construction: It is designed for outdoor use. Consequently, it’s tough and weatherproofed to last longer in the open air environment.

Dark design: the Dark color that gives it maximum heat absorption ability. The heat speeds up decay rate.

Made from fully recycled materials: constructed using 100% recycled polyethylene. Moreover, the materials used have the FDA approval thus safe to use around pets and kids.

Ventilated: It has aeration holes to let in oxygen and ensure significant decay of the garden leftovers. However, when used in areas suffering from low air currents, additional holes would have to be drilled.


  • Offers fast decay rate.
  • Has good stability
  • Pet and children safe


  • Difficult to rotate when full
  • The base is poorly drained and also flimsy
  • Only suitable for small gardens

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The seven cubic foot Compost Wizard Jr. is ideal for urban yards since it doesn’t require much space. If your ideal compost bin must be affordable, requires no assembly, and easy to move from one point to another then this seven cubic feet wizard Jr. is for you. The starter kit comes with 2 accelerator pouches, 2 compost fiber bricks, and 1 compost pail.

3. Best Compost Tea Maker – Envirocycle – Ideal For Urban Gardeners

envirocycle beautiful composter

If you dream of a compost bin that produces both solid and liquid compost, then the Envirocycle composter does that in style. Besides, it requires zero assembly.

A rare solid cylindrical design (rotating drum) construction that rotates on top of the base thus helping to mix the compost.

Features and Specifications

Capacity: measures 25.4 x 21.5 x 27.7 inch and weigh about 25 pounds. With a capacity of 35 gallons, it holds a considerable amount of fertilizers.

Elegant design: as the name suggests it’s indeed an elegant product that proudly fits both the suburbs and city life. Its stylish design makes it stand out on your balcony while offering a clean composting experience.

Creates both liquid and solid fertilizer: gives you room to choose the nature of the composter that fits your use. The solid compost is produced in the rolling drum and the compost tea is collected from the base.

Durable construction: the solid tank composter is made of the tough and durable materials. Also, it’s UV and rust protected. Besides, it’s BPA safe and satisfies the FDA requirements. Hence you can use it within your compound without worrying about the safety of your children or pets.

Ideal for compact spaces: its design makes it ideal to be erected in patios, small gardens, and decks. It fits environments where space is an important consideration.

Easy to set up: some products have unclear assembly instructions thus robbing you a significant amount of time to set up. This beauty, Envirocycle requires no assembly.

Environmentally friendly: it is made from purely recycled plastic thus the name, Envirocycle.


  • Makes both solid & liquid fertilizer.
  • Neat and attractive design
  • Tough and durable
  • Excellent customer service


  • Expensive.
  • Produces the strong stench if not used according to the instruction manual

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The Envirocycle composter fits small garden use. Therefore it’s suitable for the urban gardener who has little space to spare. This compost bin will fit almost anywhere; whether in the rural or the urban setting. Available in two sizes and 35 / 17 US Gallons and two colors - Black and Pink

4. Best Worm Composter – Worm Factory 360 – Ideal For Faster Decomposition

worm factory composter image

Make compost much quicker than other composting bins. As the name implies, the Worm Factory 360 employ worms to swiftly transform your kitchen food waste into rich organic manure.

Besides it, design features multi trays that are expandable to up to 8 stacks of trays. Adding fresh piles or removing the complete compost is straightforward after removing the lid.

Features and Specifications

Multi-tray array: comes with four trays as standard. However, its expandable designs accommodate up to 8 trays.

Capacity: each tray measures 17.9 x 17.9 x 14.9 inches and weighs 11 pounds. Since it features expandable multi-tray construction, it allows you to increase the capacity of your composting bin up to 8 trays. When full, each tray will weigh 12.5 pounds.

Easy to set up: the package comes complete with all the items needed to assemble the composter. With the help of the DVD instructional manual, setting up the compost bin has never been much more relaxed. A step by step guide is provided.

Durable: the product employs a sturdy construction to last for several years. Consequently, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Complete with accessory kits: to help you manage the worm factory and thus get excellent results, accessories tools are included. These include hand rake, scraper, and thermometer.

Fits small households: perfect for the small households of about four people. However, if you add more trays, it will handle large families.

Enhanced movement of worms: the composter relies on the worms for faster decay process. Therefore, it uses worm ladder to help them move up the stacked trays. That ensures that cooking of the compost occurs in all trays.

Easy drainage: when you need to drain the “warm tea,” the collector tray and the valve come into use. Moreover, the faucet gives an efficient job without creating a mess as you drain the “warm tea.”

Simple to use: adding fresh scrap is effortless. You simply open the lid and throw in the kitchen leftovers.

Fast decomposition: with the help of the worms and the thermosiphon air design, the fresh scraps quickly disintegrates into ready organic manure.

Secure lid: comes with a secure lid. That helps to keep away the stench or pests more so when you keep it indoors.

The worm composter is friendly to the environment since it is made with premium quality recycled materials.


  • Features an expandable design
  • Simple to setup
  • Instructions in DVD Disc
  • Comes with bonus accessories


  • May attract flies and mites too
  • Over time the lid warps
  • At times it clogs
  • Sharp edges around the lid and the tray which could be dangerous to kids.

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If you are a gardener with a smaller household, consider this model of composters. Specifically, if you want a composting bin that is compactly designed and gives you room to increase its capacity at a later date. The Worm Factory 360 Composter could be your ideal choice. Available in three colors, black, green and terracotta.

5. Best Dual Body Tumbling Composter – Gaining Popularity – HOTFROG

Dual Body Tumbling Composter Reveiw

If you wish for a composter that saves you from hand mixing or digging of compost, then have a look at the dual body tumbler composter. Owing to the large openings, adding fresh clippings or harvesting finished compost is a hassle-free task.

In ideal conditions and set up, your compost will be ready in as little as two weeks. With a capacity of 37 gallons, it fits the medium sized gardeners.

Here are more reasons to consider the HOTFROG compost tumbler.

Specifications and Features

Capacity: the composter bin, measures 30 x 28 x 36 inches but weighs 30 pounds. It has a capacity of (37 gallons, 5cu ft).

Designed to last: first, it has a sturdy painted and galvanized stainless steel frame. Hence the frame won’t rust even when exposed to the moist outdoor environment. Secondly, the body boasts a heavy duty polyethylene. To further give it the prolonged lifespan, the heavy gauge plastic is UV protected. Here is a composting bin that won’t degrade in quality even when exposed to continuous sunrays.

Dual design: it features a dual composter construction, side by side. Thus as one compost is cooking, you pile up the kitchen leftovers in the second one. That guarantees you a constant supply of organic manure throughout.

Simple to operate: the two composter bodies can rotate independently. Also, the deep fins offer a good grip when you want to hold the bin.

Well-aerated: to harvest the healthy organic fertilizer, you need sufficient amount of oxygen during the decomposition. Consequently, the HOTFROG compost tumbler has adequate aeration holes. Besides, it has deep fins that break up clumps, thereby enabling oxygen to penetrate into the mixture.

Easy to assemble: when you arm yourself with a screwdriver and the adjustable wrench setting up the compost bin takes very little time. Moreover, the package comes with the easy to follow instructions to see you through the setup process.

The whole tumbler bin features BPA free materials; hence it adds no toxic substances to your garden. 


  • Uses a sturdy galvanized stainless steel frame
  • Simple to set up
  • The lid fits nicely
  • Add fresh materials with ease
  • Require minimal space
  • Made from recycled plastics


  • If it rains, you have to rotate the composter daily
  • Since it is made in China many questions about its durability

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This model is gaining popularity. Considering the space taken up by the HOTFROG composter and its 37 gallons capacity, it suits the small to medium sized household gardeners. It’s perfect for gardeners owning small gardens purely for their household consumption.

6. Best Composter Garden – Garden Tower 2 – 50 Plant Organic Container Garden 

garden tower organic compost

The garden tower is a composter and a garden as the name suggests. It will transform your seemingly useless kitchen waste into rich organic fertilizer. Besides, it supports 50 plants from the manufactured compost.

The innovative garden tower lets you grow the 50 vegetables or flowers from a mere space of 23 x 25 x 44 inches. Fill the tower garden to the sixth level, and it won’t wiggle at all thanks to its sturdy design.

The portable garden fits both indoor and outdoor use. Let your kitchen feed your herbs or flowers through the tower garden. Below are more features to highlights its innovative design.

Specifications and Features

Durable construction: the garden tower has been constructed from heavy-duty plastic. It promises to last 12 years in the outdoor environment. Furthermore, it has been given the UV protection. To confirm its durability, it comes with a 5-year warranty. Even after loading the soil up to the 6th level, the composter doesn’t waggle.

Size and capacity: the garden square occupies only 4 square feet of space but support the lives of 50 plants. It can hold six cu ft of soil.

Self-contained garden: assemble your tower garden; add soil, organic matter and approximately half a cup of red wiggler worms then you are done. The rest is adding kitchen waste and watering your plants daily.

Watch your plants thrive as they feed on the compost.

Efficient design: the self-contained garden is designed to minimize both water and nutrient losses. Excess water plus the warm tea are collected in the tray laid at the bottom. Nothing goes to waste. Furthermore, it requires no electricity or weeding. To access the nutrient warm tea, simply pull out the tray.

Rotating body: its body has been constructed to rotate freely. Consequently, when used indoors, the rotary movement allows each plant to access sunlight.

Elegant design: the construction of this self-contained garden employs a stylish design. When you erect it on your patio or home it completes its décor.

Very stable: to maximize its stability, the tower garden has the wide stance legs. Therefore when you use it in the outside environment, it won’t topple over on account of strong winds. Thanks to the wide, heavy and reinforced feet design.


  • The rotating body means improved access to plants and distribution of sunlight.
  • Has a sturdy design incorporating UV protection
  • Designed to look appealing to the eyes
  • Sits on a small footprint but supports many plants


  • Heavy, weighs 38 pounds when empty.
  • Very pricey
  • The pockets aren’t large enough to support large plants

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

The urban gardener will find the tower garden very important. Its elegant design fits most luxurious homes. More so it’s ideal for the city flower or vegetable gardeners. If you want a self-contained garden that requires minimal attention and occupies less space, consider the Garden Tower 2. Although it’s very expensive, its benefits coupled to the durability is worth the money.

7. Best Large Capacity Compost Tumbler – Jora Composter

jora composter tumbler

The Jora composter tumbler has several features that award it one of the best equipment for preparing organic fertilizers. First, it’s insulated and sealed. That provides for all year round composting.

Not even the cold winter will stop your composter from working. Its dual compartments allow you to use one chamber in pilling raw composting materials while the other one is still cooking.

Its galvanized steel constructions speak boldly about its durability. If you wish to decompose your kitchens wastes quickly and hygienically, employ the Jora composter tumbler JK270.

Here are more reasons to consider the Jora composter:

Features and Specifications

Huge capacity: measures 44 x 28 x 52 inches and holds 70 gallons (9.4 cu ft) of composting materials. Besides, it weighs 52 pounds.

Rodent proof: unique construction makes it free from rodent’s interference. It’s completely sealed. That also helps to cut down on the stench leaking out.

Wall mountable: its design makes it easy to mount to the wall. The wall mounts are included, so you only have to buy the screws.

Double walls: the tumbler has double insulating walls. The insulation features 2.16-inch thick polyethylene plastic. That helps to retain the much-needed heat for the decay process; resulting in the faster decomposition of the kitchen wastes.

Exceptionally durable: since its body is made of galvanized steel sheet and the stand likewise, it’s a composter that will last extraordinarily long. Besides the powder coating further prolongs its lifespan.

Rotates with ease: for even decomposition, the Jora tumbler has to be rotated every few days. Simply rotate it manually by the hands.

Dual chamber: the double compartments give room for convenient composting. After filing up the first chamber, you give it ample time to break down and decompose. During that period the second chamber accepts the fresh scraps.


  • Enormous capacity, 70 gallons
  • Dual chamber to ensure the constant supply of compost
  • Retains significant amount of heat
  • Boasts a durable construction


  • Unsuitable for small households
  • Very expensive owing to its exceptional features
  • Wall mounting screws aren’t supplied, so you have to buy them separately
  • The assembly instructions aren’t clear. The video assembly instruction (opens in a new window) from the company’s website is of much help.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

The Jora Composter Tumbler 270 suits that gardener who needs large amounts of compost. Moreover, it fits those with ample space in their gardens and needs compost all the times. For example, it’s ideal for hotels, restaurants, and gardeners who wish to sell composts. If your budget allows, it’s a composter that will give you prolonged years of happy composting.

8. Lifetime 60058 Compost Tumbler, Black, 80-Gallon

lifetime composter tumbler review

If you have a larger garden and thus require compost frequently, you’ve got to have the composter of an equal match. That’s where the lifetime 60058 compost tumbler comes in. It can hold a considerable quantity of compost typically 80 gallons, (10.72 cubic feet).

The carefully thought construction means a hassle-free loading and offloading of materials in the tumbler.Read below to get the finer details before making up your mind on the lifetime tumbler.

Features and specifications

Capacity: measures 38.5 x 36 x 44 inches and the actual product weigh 42.1 pounds. With that size, it holds 10.72 cubic feet of compost. A sufficient amount of organic matter for your large garden.

Double walls: its efficient design features dark double walls that help to absorb and preserve heat. That results in faster decomposition rate.

Internal mixing bar: turning off the cooking compost manually is tiring and inefficient. That’s why Lifetime Composter has an internal bar that assists in the mixing of the decomposing materials. That helps to achieve tow goals; aeration and even decomposition.

Rotates with ease: as with all compost tumblers, turning of compost every few days lead to even decomposition. Lifetime 60058 balances and rotates freely on an axis.

Easy to load and offload contents: the large lid, gives you ample space to throw in fresh scraps to decompose, and at the same time makes offloading of complete compost a simple task. To prevent unwanted rotation while loading fresh scraps into the composter, it has the spring loaded safety pin.

Sturdy body: made of high-density plastic polyethylene plus a powder coated steel. That makes awards it the durable design. The polyethylene HDPE is further UV protect. Thus even when it is continually exposed to the sun rays, it won’t degrade in quality.

Visual guidelines: the product comes with a DVD. That gives the tips and guidelines on how to compost.


  • Prepares a huge quantity of compost, 80 gallons.
  • The free axial rotation makes emptying of the compost easier
  • Double walled construction
  • Has large opening hence easy loading
  • The galvanized steel frame makes it stable


  • The assembly instructions are over summarized and hence difficult to follow
  • It lacks a spigot to control the flow of excess liquids from the composter
  • Allows stench to escape to the surrounding

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Owing to its mighty capacity, the Lifetime Composter suits the gardeners who require a big pile of compost. Furthermore, such a gardener should be technically inclined as the assembly instructions aren’t clear enough. However, it is appreciable the volume of compost it can hold.

9. Best High Capacity Soil Saver Classic Compost bin

algreen classic compost bin

Is your garden extra large and hence need a mountain like compost? Don’t worry because the Algreen classic soil saver happily suits you. Pile up your kitchen scraps and garden wastes, and in about 6 to 8 weeks you have your rich dark organic manure.

The compost bin will see you harvest 12 cubic feet of organic manure. Read on and unearth other hidden features.

Features and Specifications

Capacity: measures 28″L x 28″ D x 32″H, and has a capacity of 12 cubic feet. That gives you plenty of space to prepare compost. Besides, it weighs 27 pounds.

Locking lids: animals do have ways of interfering with compost. But not so when you have the Algreen soil saver classic compost bin. The locking lids keep rodents away but let in water to seep into the compost bin.

Large doors: it has two large sliding doors. Accessing the inside of the bin then becomes very easy and convenient. For instance, the large doors enable you to remove organic manure easily from the bin

Thick walls: the resin walls are 0.200″thick. The thickness bestows strength and durability to the compost bin. The thick insulation helps to retain heat in the compost bin. That provides the ideal environment for the microorganisms, activities.

Perfect aeration: the Algreen composter has sufficient slots and louvers. Air can then flow in and out of the bin with ease.

The design of this bin allows the old and the fresh garden scraps to be kept in different layers. Thus the first the first items to be dipped into the bin will appear out first. That gives each set of scraps enough time to decompose fully.

Rugged construction: the military grade design of the product enables it to have a longer lifespan. But when you erect it on a leveled ground, you get a compost bin that is stable and durable.

The construction of this product uses purely recycled materials; including plastic bolts and nuts. That makes it completely rust proof. Besides, it comes with a comprehensive guide to guide you through the composting process.


  • It has a large capacity of 12 cubic feet
  • The Algreen soil saver classic has a sturdy body
  • It has the locking lid that keeps the compost safe from wildlife
  • Assembling the composter is simple and straightforward


  • Compost bin has no bottom and sits directly to the ground
  • Unloading compost from this compost bin can be tiring
  • Turning the compost involves a lot of manual work

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Gardeners who wish to have larger capacity composters that are sturdy and durable. The Algreen Classic 12 cubic feet capacity for compost will amply supply large gardens.

Our Top 3 Recommended Compost Bin & Tumblers

🏆1 – Yimby Tumbler Composter – Winner🏆

dual chamber yimby compost tumbler

Dual Chamber Tumbler

For the small household gardener, who wants a composter that provides value for his money then Yimby Tumbler Composter takes the crown.

  • Very affordable
  • Two chamber composter
  • A total capacity of 5 cubic feet.

For a small household gardener, the capacity is more than enough!

🏆2 – The Most Beautiful Composter in the World

Envirocylce Compost Tea Maker Tumbler

Compost Tea Maker Rolling Drum Tumbler

The Envirocycle forms our second pick for three major reasons:

  • It’s a long-lasting composter
  • Outstanding customer service. The department received nothing but praises from the customers.
  • Made in the USA

If it was not for the high price tag, Envirocycle would have been our winner.

3. Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin

compost bin image

Compost Bin

For the gardeners looking for composter based on two major factors, durability, and large capacity, the Algreen compost bin is our recommendation.

It will provide you with 10.72 cubic feet of compost. Besides, it will serve you for years to come!


As you have seen the tumblers and composters vary in dimensions and sizes. To identify the best composter consider the amount of space you have in your balcony garden or patio.

Secondly, think of the approximate amount of compost you will need.

Finally, make your purchase based on the above two issues and the previously outlined considerations.

Remember by making your compost and growing your vegetables or crops; you are contributing positively to the environment.

Different Types of Composters

The two main types are the Compost Bins and Compost Tumblers.

compost bin image
dual chamber yimby compost tumbler

Why should you use a compost tumbler instead of a compost bin or an open pile?

The compost bin helps you contain the stench, prevent pests and unwanted quantities of water reaching the compost. Most compost bins are built to last and offer low maintenance.

However, the time taken to cook compost in bins is much more when compared to tumblers.

Compost Tumblers vs Compost Bin

A compost tumbler is very similar to the more simple compost bin, the big difference between a compost bin and a compost tumbler is that compost tumblers get by a lot of the problems posed by people interested in recycling.

Some areas restrict open composting and keeping bins out in the open. Neighbors sometimes have a problem with compost heaps and bins, being mostly concerned with the aesthetic factors involved.

Also, if you live in an area where wildlife is abundant, compost heaps and bins naturally attract a wide variety of scavenging beasts that can quickly become a problem.

A compost tumbler keeps compost out of sight, out of reach of any wandering animals and makes the task of turning the pile more relaxed – even fun.

Most importantly, a compost tumbler can help speed up the process of composting and that you will have that valuable and useful load of “black gold” faster than you will if you stuck to the older, more traditional methods of composting like bins or piles.

Compost tumblers have been shown to produce usable, perfect compost within 14 days, as long as the mixture is kept moist and turned two or three times a day. Compost bins, on the other hand, take at least one month to produce the same quality compost and need to be tended to more often – usually with a pitchfork and a shovel.

While the mental imagery of standing outside with a fork, tending your compost bin every day might be attractive to some, I prefer the simplicity and convenience of being able just to go out, turn the compost tumbler crank a few times and go back to whatever else I was doing.

Hence, in comparison, a compost tumbler is the better, cleaner, faster and easier way to compost. In short, it is efficient and beneficial than using a compost bin.

How To Use A Compost Tumbler?

Be sure to consider capacity when selecting your compost tumbler. Capacity needs can vary from composter to composter.

Many manufacturers provide their compost tumblers and bins in different sizes. While it may seem obvious that a larger compost tumbler is a better buy, smaller units may be lighter, easier to move from place to place and more comfortable to operate than larger compost tumblers.

For new composters, there is another reason to figure out your compost tumbler capacity needs.

The speed at which your composting material turns into usable compost is based on the time the last item was added; you will not get a full load of compost until you have finished adding organic material. That means you cannot continually add material unless you also accept that the “time to completion” is going to be measured from the last time you put in that “extra little bit.”

Due to this composting fact, families who are sure they want to start composting may wish to have more than one compost tumbler unit. Start by filling one with a mixture of brown and green compost material. The best way is to get a dual chamber tumbler (opens in a new window).

Examples of “brown” material are fine mood chips, brown weeds, straw, leaves and kitchen scraps; examples of green material are grass clippings, green garden cast-offs, and manure.

While that batch “cooks,” you can slowly start to fill another unit.

yimby compost tumbler

Dual Chamber YIMBY Tumbler

Most compost tumblers are pest-proof to rodents, dogs, and other animals—not to insects. When you open your compost tumbler, be prepared for a cloud of gnats to emerge. The fact is, these same gnats hover over open compost piles, but you are less aware of them because you do not encounter them in mass.

While a compost tumbler will retain moisture better than an open compost pile, you still need to monitor the moisture levels in your tumbler. You probably won’t need to add much water – usually, grass clippings alone provide more than enough moisture. Your “cooking” compost should feel about as wet as a damp sponge.

If the compost material in your tumbler is wetter than that, leave the door open awhile so it can dry out a bit. Sometimes you may have to add a small amount of water. If you do, be sure that you add no more than a cup at a time, and tumble the contents after each cup of water.

Since air is crucial to the composting process, check your compost tumbler, now and then to make sure that decaying organic material has not clogged the vents.

If the compost is not developing as fast as you would like, be sure to rotate the tumbler more frequently. For most compost tumblers, turning it over five or six times a week should be plenty.

envirocycle compost tea maker

Compost Tea Maker With Rolling Drum

If you and your family are considering investing in a compost tumbler, we have compiled the above list of best home composting bins available for you to buy online.

I hope that review of the best compost tumbler and the information we provided is useful and that you will give us your impressions and share with us your experiences with this eco-friendly hobby.

Creating compost with a compost tumbler or compost bin is an easy way for your family to naturally reduce landfill waste and has the added benefit of providing fertilizer – what many gardeners consider an almost impressive addition to any garden.

The next section walks you through composting and its benefits.

Here Is An Informative Video On Composting Benefits

About Compost and Composting

Compost is a common name for hummus, which is the result of the decomposition of organic matter – from either plants or animals. Used in both small and big agricultural centers, mixed in with the soil; compost is both porous and absorbent. It holds moisture and soluble minerals well, providing the support and nutrients that most plants love.

Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic matter. Instead of just sitting back and waiting for nature to take its slow course, a composter provides an optimal environment in which decomposer bacteria can thrive.

To encourage the most active microbes, the compost pile needs the proper mix of the following ingredients:

  • Carbon
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Water

While decomposition occurs even in the absence of some of these ingredients, but not nearly as quickly and not almost as pleasantly.

Like, for example, when you leave a plastic bag of vegetables in your refrigerator, the contents are decomposed by microbes but the fact that there isn’t any air in the bag encourages anaerobic microbes – and they are what produce the worst odors.

start gardening soil

The goal in a compost pile is to provide a healthy environment, complete with nutrition, for the rapidly decomposing bacteria that the composter needs.

Decomposition is performed primarily by bacteria, although larger creatures such as worms and ants can contribute to the process.

Decomposition of organic matter into compost occurs naturally in all but the most hostile environments, such as when the materials are buried in landfills or in extremely arid deserts – both of which prevent the microbes and other decomposer bacteria from thriving.

Benefits of Compost

Compost is an improvement over most regular soil structure, it increases the amount of organic matter, and contains more nutrients to growing plants than untreated soil.

It is used in landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture as a soil conditioner and fertilizer. It is also useful for erosion control, land and stream reclamation, wetland construction, and as landfill cover.

It recycles your kitchen and garden waste and turns it into nutrient-rich organic compost which you can use to nourish the soil.

Moreover, composting benefits the environment by recycling and reducing the waste dumped in landfills. It nourishes the soil, enriches your plants and keeps you healthy with organic food.

Composting is not the fringe activity that it was once considered to be. With the new drive to live green, people are looking for ways to add a green living, quickly and cheaply, their lives.

So, invest in a compost tumbler, contribute to the environment and compost your way to a healthier life.

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